Monday, June 28, 2004

Okay Directive 

Congratulations to Teal and Kelly on a remarkable wedding. Teal's family really did the place up since last we visited, and the result was a memorable time for all. Once again, the college crew managed to frighten off another family - folks just can't seem to maintain in the face of a herd of twentysomethings engaged in a fierce, self-indulgent bacchanalia replete with sparagmos and omphagia the likes of which Gonzales won't see until the return of the 30-year Cicada.

The best part was, thanks to Blake, my travelling companion and I were able to skip out on the much-feared bus ride home. We did however, enjoy a comical sight upon passing the bus in a field nearly an hour down the road, with all the passengers scrambling for somewhere to relieve themselves. Mind-boggling, indeed.

The weather held, and the ceremony was short, and the rest of the weekend was a whirlwind. I'm resting comfortably now in a low-stimulus environment. Tomorrow I get to go play traffic lawyer in College Station.

In other news, the march of Pleadings persists, despite opposition from the gods.



Friday, June 25, 2004

Teal & Kelly 

Off to Austin this weekend to attend the wedding of a friend from college. Teal has been with Kelly as long as I've known her, and I say its about damn time.

Teal's family has a ranch in Gonzales, and they are bussing the attendees from Austin. I don't think the ride out to the wedding will pose any significant difficulties, but I'm interested to see how the rowdy college crew handles the return leg. I anticipate quite a spectacle from the youngsters.

I've been to the ranch before, but this trip is more nostaglic (FZ), having read a book on the history of the Texas revolution. Apparently the Mexican army had an outpost at Gonzales with a fierce cannonade, and the Texans capture of the cannons played a significnt role in emboldening the revolt. If memory serves, I believe the Mexicans recaptured them, but the Texans captured them a subsequent time.

Either way, the posts will likely be sporadic, Counselor.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Back in San Antonio again, and with some time between this morning's hearing and the deposition at 11:00.

Got here late last night and met with the Krazy Kraut for beers at Dick's (only place with food open that late on the Riverwalk.) My hotel is on the river, and its just a couple of blocks from the Courthouse - although you never would have known it from the circuitous route I took this morning. Reminds me of the time Melbotis was bugged in the park.

Time and weather permitting, I'm going to try and get a round in at Brackenridge this afternoon.

Adios, amigos!


Monday, June 21, 2004

My vote for 2004 Mellies 

Here's my nominations for the 2004 Mellie Awards

1) Most loathsome celebrity
a. Jessica Simpson - not only is she brain-dead, but she has no musical talent. All the more reason to give her a TV show.
b. Courtney Love - it's like watching a train wreck.

2) Most loathsome television program
a. Survivor - never have, never will
b. American Idol - never have, never will

3) Most loathsome movie
a. Lost in Translation - Best comedy of the year? Unless the idea was that the idea was lost in translation, this movie sucked.
b. The Passion of the Christ - haven't seen it, but Christ died for you.

4) Most loathsome band/album/ song
a. Every band on the radio that isn't Outkast.
b. Anything by former mouseketeers. I thought we moved past that with Beach Blanket Bingo.

5) Worst idea of the past 6 months
a. The kid in Lubbock who drank poison.
b. This radio promo.

6) Best television commercial
a. This funny car commercial
b. The Screaming Kid in the Grocery Store Birth Control Commercial

7) Clearest, bluest day
a. April 3, 2004. Although it was a bit cloudy in Central Park, 'tis a day that will shine forever.
b. Sunday, May 31, 2004. A wonderful 2 hour round of golf.

8) Best candy
a. M&Ms.
b. Whatchamacalit

9) Least tragic event.
a. The long-anticipated death of Ronald Reagan.
b. The Siege of Fallujah.

10) Worst blog topic at "League of Melbotis."
a. Anything to do with new comic hero logos.
b. Anything to do with new comic hero uniforms.

11) Best name for Jill's forthcoming child.
a. Atreyu - boy
b. Evangeline - girl

12) Best item at Taco Bell
a. Double Decker Taco
b. Beef taco, no lettuce

13) Most loathsome Democratic presidential nominee
a. Wesley Clark - paper general, paper candidate
b. Albert "Al" Hamburg - Crazy MF from Wyoming

14) Best book you read
a. Inside Al Qaeda by Rohan Gunaratna
b. Memoirs of U.S. Grant (in progress)

15) Other blogs of wonder
a. Electronic discovery blogs
b. The chinese sex-blog that caused a ruckus in the republic.

16) Which former POTUS (President of the United States) do you know least about, but want to know more?
a. Zachary Taylor - Mexican - American war General, recruited Cpt. Jack Hays' Texas Ranger company, much to the dismay of thousands of inhabitants of Northern Mexico.
b. Chester A. Arthur - former customs inspector of New York, bought Presidency with Tammany Hall money.



Sunday, June 20, 2004

Shinnecock at Dusk 

The Old Phil Mickleson reared his ugly head on the 71st hole of the U.S. Open, and handed the title to South Africa's Retief Goosen. It was nice to see a short course (sub 7000 yds) eat so many professionals' lunch.

I'm adding Coyote Fun to the blogroll, a military wife who is or may be attending Baylor Law for three years of pain and relevant discomfort. Consequently, being fairly close to Ft. Hood, there were always quite a few students who were either married to servicemembers, or on some kind of military scholarship. Cpt. John B. LeJeune, my moot court partner (we were robbed), was a tank commander in the Army, served in the middle east, and is a damn fine American. He now practices with a plaintiff's firm in Waco, across the street from my old apartment.

Best of luck, Coyote. Trust no one.


Thursday, June 17, 2004

Fundrous Warblies 

I was checking out Saludares' blog at the behest of the counselor's reference to the beleaguered law student's dating woes. I would not say that I was one of the more prolific law school bachelors, but I am scheduled to marry my greatest success story in November.

But this is unrelated. Among the links found on his page, Saludares references Baylor Law: Where Fun Goes to Die. While the creation of the tagline is credited to Kevin Rogers, professor of family law and securities, I was nonethelss instrumental in creating the T-shirt bearing the slogan, which has gained some measure of cult status. I recently met a Baylor lawyer from the late 70's who commented about seeing the shirt when last he visited our alma mater. Paperwork and nostalgia, I tell ya.

Additionally, Saludares praises Waco as the birthplace of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Anybody who lived in Waco in the post Po5 years knew this tidbit of the history of the Heart O' Texas. However, I was curious to see what kinds of other gems imdb might have on the famous sons and daughters of Waco. We all knew that Steve Martin owed his naissance to the biggest small town in Texas, but who knew Terence Malick did as well?


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Long Day's Journey 

In the spirit of the dedicated defense attorney, yesterday was a long day on the road. Beginning at 5:30 a.m., I hopped on I-10 with my boss for a trip to San Antonio. We both had meetings - his lasted fifteen minutes and mine an hour and a half. It makes timekeeping easy when you leave at the same time in the a.m. at which you return in the p.m.

I like San Antonio. It has a more continental feel to it than any other city in Texas, and the Mexican/Spanish influence is felt throughout the city.

Originally, I had intended to play Brackenridge Park, an 18 hole municipal course designed in the 20's by A.W. Tillinghast. I have a great fondness for the game of golf, and the history of Texas golf is quite intriguing to me. Tillinghast, you may note, also created such other notable courses as Baltusrol, Bethpage State Park, and Winged Foot. Any student of the great Harvey Penick knows about the history of Texas golf as played at Brackenridge.

But alas, the great attractor had other plans, and my round for nostalgia will have to wait.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


What once was Samantha Ryan has now become Samantha Kate.

Just like a Gemini...
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