Tuesday, July 27, 2004

TIVO Alert 

The folks over at Wired Mag have done it again.  This time, they've finally run a full-page comparison of four different DVR platforms: TiVo, ReplayTV, Windows Media Center, and a fourth I can't recall.  I would link to the story, but they haven't posted the August issue. 

In any event, after concluding that TiVo's audio & video quality is far inferior to Replay, but that TiVo has a better interface (apparently someone out there likes the blipblipblip), the reviewers award both platforms four out of 5 stars.  

Then, to add insult to injury, is the "wired/tired" review: 

Tivo:  Wired - user interface; Tired - poor A/V quality, broadband adaptor must be purchased separately. 

Replay TV: Wired - better A/V; Tired - interface not as pretty

My question is this: shouldn't the editor's of a mag like "Wired" (which, but is very name, implies some measure of deification of connectivity) be interested in elevating the platform which more readily embraces broadband? 

Not to mention that the story casually omits last month's report of the now-free TiVo web service.  Paying for something as intutitively "wired" as web-based recording is hopelessly "tired." 

I guess the folks behind the curtain are as easily distracted by bright colors, fancy buttons, and, above all else, mighty marketing moxie. 


Monday, July 26, 2004

Revenge of the Lucas 

It's official.  Lucasfilm has announced that Episode III will be named "Revenge of the Sith."  I will not allow myself to be excited about the film, nor do I eagerly anticipate its release. 

This movie will suck as bad as the last two.  Perhaps they should have called it "Revenge of the Box Office."


Sunday, July 25, 2004

Another weekend, another wedding 

Congratulations to Strickland & Elizabeth, the newly crowned "Mr. & Mrs. Tudor."  A short drive to Nacogdoches for the wedding, and a lovely old hotel, the Fredonia.  It was both of our first time in the "Oldest City in Texas," and both Hoover and I couldn't help noticing that all the restaurants on the way out of town were distinctively malodorous.  In Nac's defense, we only stopped at two. 

Along the way 'Ole Lance Armstrong picked up another Tour de France.  Congratulations to him, at least.  Just take it slow, Jimmy Rain, and don't forget your schooling. 


Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Reluctantly Unprofound 

Not a deadbeat.  Simply overwhelmed at times by the supposed need for profundity.  Good to see that Pleadings is moving along.  I myself would have attended the party scene, had a 3:30 wake up for the Alfred C. Koenig Memorial Fishing Tournament not rendered me an invalid, and had the prospect of a 40 hour liquid binge leading to my (now negative) colonoscopy the following day not been quite so looming. 


Friday, July 09, 2004

Another long week 

Simon and Garfunkel rocked Wednesday night, and our seats were awesome. I got some good pirate footage on my trusty Canon A80, which netted some truly remarkable sound.

The lady and I saw Dodgeball over the weekend, and I must say, it wasn't very good. Another in a long line of over the top characters Stiller can nail to his wall. Christine Taylor is hot. Especially in leather.

As I write this, there is a group of protestors on a hunger strike sponsored by the Palestinian-American Congress. You see, the Israeli Consulate is a mere two floors below my feet, and there are hundreds of thousands of people in the world (Jews and Gentiles alike) who think the Israeli wall is a monumentally stupid idea. The hunger strikers assembled yesterday afternoon, and judging by the view to the south, they're in for a wet afternoon. Word on the street is the Hague Court is set to rule against Israel on the issue some time today.

I'll be going under the knife in a few days. What for? You'll just have to tune back in later...

Friday, July 02, 2004

Another Reason TiVo Sucks 

Besides the annoying blip blip blip sound, I was reading in Wired this month that TiVo now has a download program that enables you to set recordings from the web, and upload photographs to the unit for viewing on your TV. The program used to cost $99, a princely sum when considered with the $200-$300 purchase price plus $250 for lifetime activation. However, TiVo, to their credit, now offers the upgrade for free.

I guess someone told them that both of these features are standard on ReplayTV. Well done, ye of mighty marketing moxey. Well done, indeed.

So much going on this week 

This week seemed to last forever. The week began with the surprise revelation that the June 30th handover took place ahead of schedule. I thought that was quite brilliant on the administration's part. My docent admiration soured the 600th time Fox News plastered the Bush - Condi note regarding the handover on the screen.

Saddam had a pretrial hearing, and much of the country awoke Thursday to his Pentagonp-sanitized visage gracing their televisions. Then, for the next day and a half, the mainstream media was making a ruckus about Saddam's defiance, as if they expected Saddam to simply capitulate and accept the tribunal's authority. "I would almost have gotten away with it, if it weren't for you meddling American's and your dog."

But it's Friday now, with a three day weekend of no travelling ahead, and it should prove a good time. This is our first 4th in Houston, as last year we were on a party barge on Lake Travis for Independence Day. I'm thankful that it didn't capsize.
Looking back, it seems we've come a long way on this elliptic. At one point on the boat, our fireworks viewing adventure ruined by senseless calendar manipulation, all 50+ poeple on board spontaneously began singing the Star Spangled Banner in the middle of the lake. I like to think our voices resonated across the waves to the people in the mansions on the hills. I like to think we still believe. I'd like to think we'd all sing just as loudly today.

Meanwhile, on the Western end of the Iberian Peninsula, Euro Cup 2004 is rolling along - although you wouldn't know it to watch sports in North America. Yesterday, Greece upset Czech Republic to earn the coveted second spot in the finals against Portugal Sunday. Portugal is the host country, and both teams are making their debut in the Euro Cup Final.

Next week will also be interesting, what with a summary judgment hearing on Tuesday, and Simon & Garfunkel Wednesday night.
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