Tuesday, May 24, 2005

And on a more sophisticated note... 

In the continuing vein of important and newsworthy events that often go unreported by the western media, debka is running a story about the murder of Dale Stoffel in Iraq last December. Stoffel, a man of whom I've never heard, was operating in a capacity which I don't comprehend, and was murdered by someone for reasons I do not know. It seems the esteemed Mr. Stoffel was engaged in some manner of not-quite-above-board activities.

Nonetheless, debka has traced a very curious money trail to a bank in Beirut (where Saddam transferred his cash in January 2003), and it involves tangential elements of the former baathist regime. A random act of violence? Read the whole story here.

May the Force be with You? 

Not wanting to wait the remaining four days to draw the ire of he who blogs infrequently, I will simply point out the immeasurable stupidity of people. And they wonder why some have lost their faith in humanity.
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